Specialized outdoor training program.

Training videos by coach David Bastien certified skills coach Hockey Canada, included with all liners!
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  • UNIQUES Liners

    Unique Liners are a mix of Houdini Liners and Super Mario Liners. A perfect mix to create liners with the effigy of the greatest players who have worn the blue-white-red sweater. A training concept unique in the world to develop all aspects of future unique players. The possibility of giving all the tools to our young players so that they in turn can continue to dream of becoming better than their idol.

    -The Road Runner
    -The Flower
    -The Pocket Rocket
    -The Rocket
    -The Gros Bill

  • SUPER-MARIO Liners

    The Super Mario is a liner that allows you to bring different game situations into practice. Whether you are along the boards or changing directions at full speed, this liner will take you out of your comfort zone. You will develop stick handling fluidity and skating agility that will help you reach the next level.

    -More than 150 different stick handling exercises.
    -More than 75 different forward/backward skating exercises.
    -Game situational exercises to develop you scorers instinct.

    -Small area stick handling.
    -Be a threat attacking from the corner
    -Efficient at change of direction

  • ptl's houdini

    HOUDINI Liners

    The Houdini allows you to specifically develop your stick handling abilities, but also your passing accuracy and your skating agility. A magical liner filled with interesting training exercises designed to help you improve at your own pace. Improve while you have fun, try the Blond Demon game to find out who the most accurate

    -More than 100 different stick handling exercises.

    -More than 50 different skating exercises.

    -Many shooting/scoring exercises.

    -1 passing exercise.

    -Magic Hands
    -Skating Agility
    -Hand/Foot Coordination