Benefits of hiring an ice hockey coach for kids

Whether your child loves field hockey, wants to learn to play it or you are looking for a way to have fun, you will need the professional knowledge of an icehockey coach to get good results. Especially from an early age, it has been proven that children can develop excellent skills and a better adaptation to the game if guided by a person qualified for the position.

No matter how old your child is, practicing ice hockey will be one of the best experiences he or she can enjoy with a good fieldhockey coach. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a field hockey coach in Canada

What is an ice hockey coach?

As the word says, the field hockey coach is incharge of training, orienting, helping and guiding his players individually and as a group to obtain positive results in a field hockey game. This person must fulfill 4 basic aspects:

  • Knowledge of the game, i.e., ice hockey regulations in Canada.
  • Ethics, principles and values.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ingenuity.

However, if a field hockey coach will be willing to work with children, it will be important that he/she is patient and able to adapt especially to the physical and psychological conditions of the child, as the levels of demand differ according to the age range of each practitioner.

Benefits of hiring a field hockey coach for your child

Every sport requires a trained and knowledgeable person to help you grow and improve your skills. In field hockey, being a demanding sport, it takes more than a field hockey arena to master all the rules and skills on the ice. Here are some of the benefits of your child having a field hockey coach

1- Develop new skills in an appropriate manner.

A field is a person who knows all the skills that a player needs on the field in order to have positive results within a team. Therefore, the coach is the person who will be in charge of evaluating, analyzing and thinking about what types of exercises the children should start with in order to start developing motor skills properly.

Many of the coaches often prepare playful scenarios that are oriented at both the individual and group level. Children first usually work on their balance on the ice and their motor skills for moving, braking and falling. After that, they move on to training with their fieldhockey team while learning how to use the stick.

2- Learning values and life lessons

All field hockey coaches who work with children know the importance of instilling positive values in their players. During training, children not only develop motor skills, the fieldhockey coach is in charge of teaching them life lessons, integrating good actions and listening to their needs so that they build their personality on and off the field.

3- Understanding the rules of ice hockey

To fully immerse children in the world of field hockey, it is important that you know the rules of ice hockey. A coach has the responsibility to discipline, teach and demonstrate to his players basic details such as court division, penalties, positions of each player and the importance of field hockey equipment

If a child does not respect the basic safety rules, then the field hockey coach is authorized to exclude him/her from the rink for a certain period of time to reflect on his/her actions and the importance of following them.

4- Lots of fun

One of the reasons people love field hockey is for the fun. A field hockey coach also ensures that kids create and have a good time with the other players on the team. In addition, socialization and camaraderie are important factors in developing confidence and learning from the personalities of others in order to enjoy a practice and also a game.