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How to choose the right ice hockey equipment

Ice hockey is a sport as popular as it is ancient in Canada.In fact, according to Encyclopédie canadienne, the first recorded ice hockey game dates back to 1844 and by the 1990s it was estimated that at least 10,000 Canadians were players in different leagues.So, it's no wonder that many want to try playing the sport, however, if it's your first time you may not know whatice hockey equipment you need to get started.

With the above in mind, in this article we tell you what equipment is needed for ice hockey. Everything so you can start playing this iconic sport.

1. Hockey stick

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Clearly, the most essential part of ice hockey equipment is the stick. When choosing your ice hockey stickone of the most important factors is the height. Thus, if you intend to get ice hockey equipment for kidsyou should choose the most appropriate for their height.

For example, if the child is between 120 or 130 cm, the ideal size is 30 inches. Conversely, if you are looking for a stick for the ice hockey equipment of an adult whose height ranges from 162 cm to 175 cm,the stick should be a minimum of 36 inches tall.

Also, you canheck their weight, especially if you are looking for ice hockey equipment for kids. The weight is usually between 530 to 560 grams. The lightest for those just starting out are wooden ice hockey sticks.

2. Insulating tape

The tape is an ice hockey accessory qthat might seem unnecessary but if you don't get it, you will miss it a lot. This one is perfect to have your ice hockey equipment complete.

The tape is used to improve the grip of the ice hockey stickso it is placed on top of the stick. It also allows you to take care of your hands and avoid blisters.

3. Suitable ice hockey skates

The skates you are going to play with are also an important part since you need to be comfortable and have grip. Thus, it is crucial that you choose the right size skates.

So, your ice hockey skates should be at least one size smaller than your traditional shoes. However, check that they are not too loose as some people may need to be up to two sizes smaller in ice hockey skates.

4. Hockey socks

Just like shoes, this ice hockey equipment is key. It is not advisable to simply wear the socks you use in your daily life, it is best to buy specialized ice hockey socks.

ice hockey socks are slightly longer, usually reaching at or above the knee. Likewise, they are thicker to offer extra protection to the shin which is the part most susceptible to hits during the game.

5. Hockey puck

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This is essential to have complete ice hockey equipment. A ice hockey puck is usually made with rubber to allow it to glide over the ice while maintaining its grip.

It is usually approximately three centimeters wide and weighs 154 to 168 grams.

Nowadays, there are lighter ice hockey pucks specialized for children. With these indications in mind, you can choose the best ice hockey puck to practice with.

6. Hockey protective equipment

Although ice hockey is generally a low-contact sport, injuries are common and proper protection is necessary. Here are some of the ice hockey accessories you need to protect yourself, according to Summit Orthopedic.

Mouth guard

Both the ice hockey puck and the ice hockey stick are elements that with the speed of the sport can cause damage to the mouth, so it is very important to have amouth guard.. These can be found in various sizes to select the one that best fits your jaw and thus complete your ice hockey equipment.

Shin Guard protector

It is common for players to accidentally hit their legs with ice hockey sticks. These are heavy and solid sticks, so it is necessary to protect them. We recommend that you choose a pair that protects from the ankle to the knee, as they are usually specialized for ice hockey.

Ice hockey helmet

Your head is the part of your body that you should always protect. Not only this, but ice hockey pucks are dense and can cause damage when going at high speed. If you are looking for a ice hockey helmet, you will find multiple options, the important thing is to try that it is comfortable for you so it doesn't affect your ability to play.

Also,make sure it's thick enough to withstand ball strikes junior ice hockey helmetoptions.

Finally, we hope this article is useful for you to enter the wonderful world of ice hockey, for more information about ice hockey you can visit the online resources of the International Ice Hockey Federation. If you want to learn more about types of playing ice in Canada we also recommend you to visitégalement de visiter le site Pro Training Liners.