Why choose our liners for your homemade outdoor skating rink

Winter is one of the seasons when you can enjoy family time and one way to maximize those adventures is by building ahomemade outdoor skating rink. However, to ensure that youroutdoor rink is in top condition, you need to choose the right method of liner. At Pro Training Liners, we recommend relying on our outdoor rink liners

If you have ever considered that making an outdoor ice rinkrequires a lot of work, don't worry! Our liners, each of different dimensions, designs and utilities, give you the opportunity to create a safe, practical and weather resistant ice rink.  

If you want to learn more about our liners and build an amazinghomemade outdoor skating rinksuccessfully, continue reading our article.

Why is it important to choose a liner for a homemade outdoor skating rink?

If you want your homemade outdoor skating rink to have a durable surface, then you need to choose a suitable tarp. Liners are an ideal alternative for those who are looking to make their ice rink more durable to any weather changes and not have to maintain it too much.  

Each of the tarps are designed in different dimensions and thickness. Therefore, you should check the dimension of the rink in order to choose a liner that will fit that surface. Also, white or clear tarps are better at reflecting the sun's ultraviolet rays away from the ice and this will help keep it cooler.  

On the other hand, a liner for your homemade outdoor skating rink is a great investment, as it will protect the surface from damage. It also has an incredible advantage: tarps only need to be filled with water once, whereas an ice rink without a liner may require many nights of freezing temperatures and tons of water.  

If you want to choose a safety liner for your homemade outdoor skating rink,click here.

Types of liners available in Pro Training Liners

We know how important it is to ensure a quality product for families. That's why our tarps are top-notch and each one has different dimensions and utilities to get the most out of your homemade outdoor skating rink. Here are some of our tarps:

Safety liners

As mentioned earlier, a good surface should be constructed with a liner. At Pro Training Liners, our safety liner is designed from 6 mill white polyethylene as a backing to minimize the risk of water leaking from the rink and also to protect yourhomemade outdoor skating rink liner from any debris and ground imperfections.

Training liners

For every field hockey beginner, starting to practice the basic moves is important. However, many times the places to practice are far away or the weather impedes the journey. Therefore, having a homemade outdoor skating rink seems to be the best solution for field hockey lovers. 

At Pro Training Linerswe want to make it easy for you to practice. We have a variety of training liners; each one has a different design that focuses on a skill you want to practice. Among the most popular are:

1- Super Mario

The Super Mario is a liner made up of different game situations. Whether at the edge of the web, at full speed or with changes of direction, this liner will take you out of your comfort zone and thus push your limits. To move to the next level, the Super Mario webs will allow you to develop the coordination between the fluidity of your hands as well as the agility of your feet.

2- Houdini

The Houdini is a liner for your homemade outdoor skating rink that allows field hockey players to specifically develop their handling, but also other aspects, such as their passing accuracy and skating agility.

3- Unique

The unique liners are a mix of Houdini liners and Super Mario liners. A perfect mix to create canvases with the effigy of the great players who have worn the blue-white-red jersey. A unique training concept in the world to develop all aspects of future unique players.

Get your tarpaulin for your home outdoor rink with Pro Training Liners

As you can see, at Pro Training Liners, we want families to have a fun time in winter and what better way to ensure that than by offering quality products. Our liners are made from the finest materials so you can create the best memories at your souvenirs à la homemade outdoor skating rink.

Thanks to our variety of liners, you can now choose between making an outdoor ice rink for the whole family or having an outdoor ice rink to practice one of the best ice sports like field hockey in the comfort of your home. pour pratiquer l'un des meilleurs sports de glace comme le hockey dans le confort de votre propre maison. 

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