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What can I use for the ice rink liner?

Canadian winter is getting closer and closer and it is the ideal time to start planning your outdoor skating rink. However, it is a bad idea to build your outdoor skating rink without a proper liner. That's why in this article we advise you on theideal ice rink liner.

So, if you want to have an outdoor skating rink, we give you all the information about ice rink liners in Canada.

Why use an ice rink liner?

Many people consider it unnecessary to use an ice rink liner, however, it has many benefits that we cannot ignore. So, here are just a few:

1. Your ice rink will last longer

Building an ice rink in your backyard means you have to not only have the space, but you have to fill the hole with water and wait for the weather to get cold enough for it to freeze. On the other hand, if you have an ice rink liner you can leave your rink ready from November and simply let the liner take care of maintaining the shape of the rink until winter sets in.

This means that you can have your ice rinkfrom the beginning of winter and even use it until March, when the weather starts to drop.

2. Simple installation

An ice rink liner acts like mold, so when it's time to build your ice rink, you can fill it up and go. Without an ice rink liner, you have to make sure the rink doesn't lose its shape.

In fact,installing an ice rink liner is so simplethat most suppliers will just hand you instructions and you don't need to hire anyone to help you.

3. Take care of your yard during the winter.

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The water that is produced after the ice melts can flood your yard, whether you have a beautifully landscaped yard or asphalt streets. Using an ice rink liner allows you to control the water, plus, if you put your ice rink on the grass, it will keep it hydrated and healthy all winter long.

It also prevents water from entering cracks in the asphalt whichreduces the opportunity for mold and mildew to grow .

What to use as an ice rink liner?

Although there are several options on the market, on this occasion, we would like to recommend the use of polyethylenetarpaulins.

Polyethylene tarps make excellent ice rink liners, and it's even possible to find tarps that come with field hockey rink designs, so you can use them for much more than just skating.

A polyethylene tarpaulin ice rink liner istough and durable, in some cases it can be reused. Therefore, it is a fairly strong material.

They are also multi-layered, which makes them resistant to water, mildew and wear and tear.. Ideal to withstand the cold temperatures of Canada.

They are also resistant to acid and UV rays, plus they areeasy to install due to their flexibility. Not only this, but these tarps usually have corner reinforcements, ensuring that they will not tear and will stay in place.

Recommendations when choosing an ice rink covering


First of all, you should buy one that does not exceed6 thousand. An ice rink liner thinner than this will not be able to withstand the volatile winter weather with its constant snowfall and then its snow melts. On the other hand, if you choose a thicker tarp, it may take a long time to freeze.

Likewise, it should be one meter longer and one meter wider than your outdoor skating rink, so that it can frame it properly.

In addition, we recommend that you choose an ice rink liner that is light in color.This is because dark colors tend to absorb more sunlight, thus melting the ice sooner.

Finally, if you wish to use your ice rink for field hockey, we advise you to purchase an ice rink liner that is designed by someone certified by Hockey Canada..

If you would like to learn more about using polyethylene sheeting as an ice rink liner,we recommend you check out Pro Training Liners. products, and you can also review our installation guide to understand in detail what it would be like to use a liner for your ice rink.