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Pro Training Liners

25'x50' Rocket

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Rounded Corners
Safety Liner

The Rocket 25X50 is a liner that will help you work on your offensive flair on your way to the net. With game situation exercises, The Rocket will allow you to improve your puck protection skills and your high speed direction changes. Become a player that is feared by opposing players.

  • 9 Stick Handling stations - Snake - Pythagoras - Dalton - Tomahawk - Ying - Yang - Butterfly - Hurdle - 5 Circles
  • 6 Skating stations - Pythagoras - Dalton - Tomahawk - Ying - Yang - Butterfly
  • 5 Shooting stations - Pythagoras - Dalton - Ying - Yang - Butterfly

You will receive with this liner 53 training videos produced by our coach David Bastien - certified Skills Coach Hockey Canada

Small area puck protection
Attack the net like Le Rocket

Safety liner:

PTL strongly recommends that you use one of our 6mill white polyethylene safety liner as a backing to minimize the risk of water leakage from the rink and protect the PTL liner from any debris and imperfection on the ground.

PTL does not vouch for any installation without a safety canvas used.

* Bands Not included