How to choose a good ice hockey stick?

In Canada, ice hockey is one of the favorite sports to play. Besides requiring a lot of experience, players also need to have the best equipment. Therefore, an important choice you should take into account is to choose a good ice hockey stick

The ice hockey stick is an essential element while on the court, as it allows you to control the puck, block, intercept the opponent, score goals and make passes to your teammates. However, due to the variety of ice hockey stick options, the choice becomes more complicated.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to choose a good ice hockey stick that suits your needs, continue reading our article.

A right or left field hockey stick?

The way you shoot is one of the factors that influence the choice of an ice hockey stick. Some players tend to use their left side, but others tend to be right-handed. However, if you are a beginner in the subject, you can use a broom so you can check in which direction you swing and if you feel comfortable with the side you have chosen.

If you hold the stick with your left hand at the bottom, then you need a left stick (L). But if you hold the stick with your right hand at the bottom, then you need a right-handed ice hockey stick (R).

One-piece or two-piece design

Until the late 1960s, ice hockey sticks were usually made of a single piece of wood. However, a new design introduced by Hilborn Company in 1928 changed the way these field hockey sticks were manufactured. It separated the blade from the shaft, which allowed manufacturers to experiment with different patterns and shapes.

Usually, a one-pieceice hockey stickis suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as ice, although its lifespan is shorter on more rigorous surfaces. On the other hand, two-piece field hockey sticks are more durable and have the versatility of changing blades, which you can change according to your preference. 

Choose best flexion and support point

An ice hockey stick is important that it has a good flex and a good fulcrum, as this will help you to better increase your overall speed to make a shot. However, keep in mind that the flex can vary from player to player, so you should try different options that need to accommodate your age, height and weight to avoid a very stiff flex.

Ice Hockey Stick Size

Another essential criterion for having the best ice hockey stick is to choose a good size. Whether you buy a stick that is too small or too big, it will not allow you to perform well on the ice.

If you want to know how long your ice hockey stick, needs to be, you should stand with your skates on and place the stick in front of you. Make sure the stick measures half an inch or two below your chin. However, the size can also be chosen by personal taste, so you can get better advice from a professional ice hockey equipment retailer.

Type of material

Material is also another important aspect for the ice hockey stick,as some are stronger than others. Among the most popular choices are wood, composite (a combination of lightweight materials) and carbon fiber. However, among all these options, the best is composite, as they offer lightness, durability and strength in use.